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Zamil Industrial Investment Company Invites Its Shareholders to Attend the Ordinary General Assembly (First Meeting)
The Board of Directors of Zamil Industrial is pleased to invite all shareholders to attend its general assembly to convene in an ordinary session on Sunday, 31 December 2017, at the Zamil Air Conditioners Auditorium in Dammam’s First Industrial City at 6:30 pm (location: The following items on its agenda will be reviewed and discussed:

1. Vote on the Updated Audit Committee Charter (attached).
2. Vote on the Updated Nomination & Remuneration Charter (attached).
3. Vote on the Updated Board Membership Policy (attached).
4. Vote on the Board, Committees, and Executive Management Remuneration Policy (attached).

The quorum for this meeting is for shareholders representing at least 25 percent of the company's paid-up capital. If such quorum is not attained, a second meeting can be held after one hour from the time the first meeting was supposed to convene. In all cases, the second meeting shall be deemed valid irrespective of the number of shares represented therein. Each shareholder registered with the company register at the Securities Depository Center (Depository Center) shall have the right to attend the general assembly meeting at the end of the trading session preceding the general assembly meeting.

Shareholders who cannot attend the meeting may appoint a proxy, while taking into consideration that the proxy must not be a member of the board or an employee of the company. Copies of the proxies should be submitted to the company with a copy of a valid ID at least two days prior to the meeting date by mail (P.O. Box 14441, Dammam 31424). The proxy must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry if the shareholder is a member of the same, a company, or legal entity; or a licensed bank or an Authorized Person in the Kingdom, provided that the authorizing shareholder holds an account with the attesting bank or Authorized Person; or a Notary Public or Person licensed for attesting. The original proxy must be submitted on the day of the meeting. The proxy will be valid for another meeting if this meeting’s quorum is not met.

The company would also like to inform its shareholders that electronic voting will be available to enable them to vote on the agenda items of this meeting. Shareholders who are registered in the Tadawulaty services portal can effectively vote online from 10 am on Wednesday, 27/12/2017 until 4 pm on Sunday, 31/12/2017. The company invites its shareholders and urges them to actively participate and vote online by visiting the Tadawulaty web page at, a free service available to all shareholders.

Shareholders are welcome to send their inquiries by directly contacting our Corporate Communications & Investor Relations department by phone (+966138108180) or by email (

Attached documents: Zamil Industrial AGM Files | Proxy Letter