Corporate HR Conducts A New Series of Virtual Workshops for Employees

The Human Resources Department at Zamil Industrial recently launched a series of virtual workshops running online throughout this year. More than 650 employees, representing a cross section of Zamil Industrial sectors, business units, and functional areas, participated in these online workshops and training sessions.

The workshops covered various key topics, including Zamil Industrial’s core values, together with critical business skills, transformative change, absence management, diversity at work, stress management, customer service orientation, communication skills, financial and commercial awareness, people management, results orientation, technological awareness, and more. It also included policy refresher sessions so that employees could better comprehend the nature and functions of certain policies.

The workshops aimed at creating a platform for learning within the “new normal” by taking advantage of technological advances and making learning tools readily available for Zamil Industrial employees. It also aimed at developing critical skills needed for employees to efficiently carry out their everyday functions at work and supporting the development of critical competencies and employee credibility. The workshops were tailored to reflect the demands of the organization and to increase team effectiveness and productivity toward maximizing return on investment.

The workshops were well-received by all participants and received excellent reviews.